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ROBERT GORDON Architect OAA Broker Sothebys International Realty
I have a terrific team in real estate sales and representation, and we have aligned ourselves with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. This very exciting alliance gives us, and our clients, an enviable and unique positioning in the marketplace, providing us with much additional international insight. This brand is an incredible complement to what we do, as we reliably provide unsurpassed experience to all our clientele, while sharing the extra dimension of our partnership and brand. Our synergystic team dynamic includes Lucille Chenoweth, a highly seasoned veteran Realtor, and Sarah Chenoweth, who brings a savvy and fresh viewpoint to protect our clients’ interests. Together we act as asset managers to our clientele, in a world where it’s as important to look far ahead as as to live in the present.


This I marry with my continued involvement in the marketplace as a designer and creator of unique custom homes and condos through vision and alliances, currently focusing on a future in condominiums and foreign investment opportunities. On this side of my business, created with my interior-designer-wife & partner, we source properties with superb locations and settings, which set themselves apart from others. Our homes are distinctively different from others being built currently and our formula is constantly evolving, to provide the finest contemporary products and details that we find and/or develop. A lot is learned from the people we work and consult with, which gives a deeper dimensionality to what we produce with the constructors that we align ourselves with. Listening and seeing, then implementing. is what makes what we do appealing to so many people. It certainly adds to our originality.

Aside from building and selling, we also assist our clients by providing and advising via architectural, interior design, project management, real estate evaluation and construction services.