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Rosedale toronto real estate 

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Rosedale Toronto Real EstateRosedale is one of Toronto's oldest and most sought after neighbourhoods. Nestled in a quiet community just minutes from the downtown Toronto core next to Yorkville and the famouse Mink Mile, Rosedale is a haven amongst parks, valleys and beautiful walking and biking trails as if you were no where near the city. Bordered by Bloor Street East in the South, Moore Avenue to the north, Yonge Street to the west and the Don River Valley to the east Rosedale is one of Toronto's most exclusive real estate neighbourhoods in the city.

Settled in the mid 1820's Rosedale was known for its beautiful gardens and Rose patches. Rosedale is built amongst three ravine that the city has preserved as parkland. The quiet neighbourhood of Rosedale is full of beautiful tree lined windy streets, cul de sacs and convoluted routes through the neighbourhood, which couple with the ravines and bridges leads to lower levels of traffic. Even though just minutes from the entrence to Toronto's downtown Rosedale is peacefull with little to no sound. Many call it a peaceful paradise in the heart of the city. Rosedale is made up of 3 prominant neighbourhoods, Rosedale, Moore Park and Govenors' Hill. Rosedale has been a popular beacon in Central Toronto communities.

Rosedale Real Estate:

Rosedale Toronto houses for salesHomes in Rosedale are grand, full of distinguished character.  Though they may not be as large as estates found in more suburban Toronto area locales, Rosedale homes prevail in their exquisite details and traditional beauty.  Dating from as far back as the mid 1800’s, Rosedale residences are mostly two and three storey detached designs, some of which feature carriage houses that are the size of a more typical single family Toronto home.  An array of architectural styles can be found, including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and Tudor.  The occasional newly built contemporary house might catch your eye, but these tend to be constructed with carefully selected materials to blend in with the surroundings.  Luxurious Rosedale condos and moderately priced co-ops complete the Rosedale real estate spectrum. What I find most unique and interesting in Rosedale is the fact that it almost appears that each home was built independently to blend with nature within the lot it was built on. Each home has it's own warmth and personality so inviting to any visitor.

With this warmth and charm Rosedale homes do come with a price. You will not find a detached home under a million and many properties will sell for well over 5 million. Though buyers continue to flock to Rosedale with it's own unique ways.


Why Live in Rosedale?

rosedale toronto amenitiesRosedale still offers a small town feel in a large city. Yonge Street and blooor still offer quaint shops, family restaurants and a wonderful place to do a weekend stroll on a sunny weekend afternoon. You are able to sit out on a patio at one of the neighbourhoods coffe shops oe wandr into that family butcher or bakery to find that special treat for your dinner. You will not find the urban big box stores in Rosedale.The idea of Rosedale exerts a powerful effect on the city’s psychology—for a certain type of Torontonian, moving into the neighbourhood, perched just above downtown, is an incontrovertible signal that they’ve made it. The average household income is a tidy $386,076, and few detached homes go for less than $1.5 million. But Rosedale is not monolithic. Its winding streets, which seem designed to baffle outsiders, are divided into countless little pockets: there are the secluded mansions of Drumsnab Park, the family-friendly enclave of Nanton Avenue, the remnants of the lieutenant governor’s mansion in Chorley Park. (Then there’s Summerhill and Moore Park, both lovely and part of the same official City of Toronto neighbourhood boundary, but neither is quite Rosedale, if you ask most Rosedalers.) Nearly half the residents are renters, which means there are grad students and artists mixed in with the bankers and trust-funders. Low- and mid-rise apartment buildings poke out between the oaks and maples from Bloor up to St. Clair, and strolling along streets like Elm Avenue in South Rosedale, it’s hard to tell which of the grand old homes have been subdivided.

The boutiques and charming food shops are part of the daily routine for local Rosedale residents with their daily trips to Summerhill Market or the Harvest Wagon where they pop in for prepared  gourmet dinners seven days a week they will take home to enjoy in their beautiful homes.  Dining out is easy except for the abundance of choices including Terroni  Price Street ,Sorrell, Avant Gout or a short walk to Cafe Bouloud at The Four Seasons in Yorkville just  down Yonge Street. Clothing boutiques keep Rosedale residents stylish at all times as you'll see them dashing into Narwhal or Want Apothecary or zipping down to the " Mink Mile" on Bloor Street . 

Beauty steeped in a truly rich history centrally located are some of the components that make Rosedale a very special place to live .

I'm available to help answer any questions regarding  selling and marketing  or buying real estate in Rosedale as well as  Toronto's  other fine  neighbourhoods.

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